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Birthday Gifts | Wedding Gifts | Anniversary Gifts | Shop On Line | Free Classified Ads FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Category: Main -> Website

·  What are the advantages of hosting our on-line store with The Jacksonville Market Place?
·  What are promotional codes?
·  How do I redeem promotional codes?
·  Why should I become a member of your website?
·  Why do I have to log in multiple times?
·  Can I use the same ID in both the stores and the website?
·  The Forums will not allow me to respond. How do I participate?
·  How do I start/stop your newsletter?
·  What is an affiliates program?
·  Do all of your stores offer an affiliates program?

·  What are the advantages of hosting our on-line store with The Jacksonville Market Place?

The Jacksonville Marketplace gives retailers and shoppers a secure mall environment on line using the Miva Merchant 5 Storefront.

Shoppers may chose the website browser of their choice to preview a merchant's products from the comfort of their home or office. Shoppers can add or remove items from their shopping cart. Shoppers may checkout using secure checkout to complete their purchases. Customers can shop any merchant's products 24/7.

Merchant's have complete real time control to change and update their store as needed

  1. Include color choices, sizes, any variation of detail.
  2. Showcase related items in any product display.
  3. As a merchant you can set up an affiliates program that allows others to make money when they help your business by making sales.
  4. Set up categories and assign products witch complete freedom of detail
  5. Set up price groups and offer wholesale or retail prices to registered users and casual surfers alike.
  6. Assign keywords by page, category and product thereby enhancing SEQ opportunities to the max.
  7. Miva MarketplaceTM permits you to advertise selected products on different websites all over the world.
  8. Offer pricing information on your website targeted to the clients you want to reach by class and group.
  9. Complete Auction or Catalog Transactions from your store. Simply use eBay’s winning bidder notification (Autotext) template in the Seller Manager to bring the winning bidder to your cart ready to complete the transaction.
  10. Create custom site maps to facilitate auto indexing in major search engines.
  11. Offer Discounts in a variety of ways: New User, Magazine, Television, or Newspaper Adds, Mystery Product, Business Card, etc……. Log into our Portal and get your first discount coupon. Log in to our cart and get your second one.

The Jacksonville Market Pace is hosted at www.jaxmarket.com. Your website is hosted at www.yourdomain.com. Right off the bat you have two websites with independent home pages representing your one stores products & services.

As a client of JLA Associates and The Jacksonville Market Place your product categories are also displayed in their entirety in these websites as well bringing your total of independent pages committed to marketing your products or services to four.

These tools combined with a sales affiliates program and the other feature rich standard tools that come with your set-up empower you to do business on the Internet.

The live examples below clearly demonstrate how your business gains four effective independent storefronts for the price of one.

Live Example One:JLA Associates RavenNuke™ Portal
Live Example Two:The Jacksonville Market Place RavenNuke™ Portal
Live Example Three: Cassity's Discount Audio Store RavenNuke™ Portal
Live Example Four: Cassity's Discount Audio Store Storefront

Each of these is a unique link, all of these lead consumers back to this clients store. All of these index to the Internet independently.

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·  What are promotional codes?

Promotional codes are limited time special offers that may be publicized in a variety of ways.

  1. Reviewing any given page in our on line store will at times trigger a special offer e-mail for logged in users.
  2. A magazine, newspaper, mailer or television ad may carry a special promotion code that can be redeemed at time of checkout.
  3. Your welcome e-mail when you create a user ID within our store will send you a special promotional code that may be applied to your first purchase at our store.
  4. Sending a Tell-A-Friend e-mail will include a discount with the e-mail in most of the stores in our on line mall.
  5. Product only promotional codes are offered to purchase a specific product. This type of code will only work if the specific product is already in your shopping cart at time of checkout.
  6. Single user promotional codes may be used once per registered user until expiration.
  7. Multi use promotional codes are a set number of promotional codes that are good until all are used or the code expires. i.e. 100 multi use codes of XYZABC, once all 100 codes have been used by any registered user the code becomes inactive.
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·  How do I redeem promotional codes?

Promotional codes are merchant specific special codes that you can redeem in the merchants shopping carts at checkout. Promotional codes are specific to the merchant and the individual store.

Enter in the promotion code that you wish to use in the space provided at time of checkout. Your discount will be reflected in the final checkout price. Expired or out of date promotional codes, and other stores promotional codes will be rejected.

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·  Why should I become a member of your website?

As a registered member of our website you have access to more of the features and functions of our website. Registered users, when logged in, have access to our forums and special offers from our merchants that are otherwise unavailable to casual web surfers. Registered users of our on line store receive special offers and immediate discounts as a logged in user.

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·  Why do I have to log in multiple times?

Our website is comprised of two distinctly separate sections. Our Jacksonville Marketplace RavenNuke™ News and Information Portal located at Our Website and our on line mall located at Our On Line Stores. When you place an order or shop a store you are browsing one of the stores at The On Line Mall, each of which has it's own login and information management system.

Likewise, when you browse our RavenNuke™ Portal you are on The Jacksonville Marketplace Website, which also has it’s own login and information management system. Hence the need to login multiple times depending on where you are in our network of stores and websites.

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·  Can I use the same ID in both the stores and the website?
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·  The Forums will not allow me to respond. How do I participate?

To participate in The Jacksonville Marketplace forums' you must be a registered user that is logged into the system. Registration is free as well as easy. Select Your Account to complete the registration process.

Be sure to check out our forums at JLAJAX Forums

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·  How do I start/stop your newsletter?

Go to Your Account > Your Info: Select or deselect Receive Newsletter by Email? We suggest you remain a subscriber.

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·  What is an affiliates program?

An affiliates program is an opportunity for you to make money by offering any store in The Jacksonville Marketplace Network products for sale through your website.

If a store advertises an affiliates program you may sign up with that store. We recommend you use the same affiliates ID for each store you register with in The Jacksonville Marketplace Network of stores.

Each store has a unique affiliates program applicable only to that store. Once you have been accepted into a stores’ affiliates program you will be provided with a link and choice of graphics that you can display in a standard website and a module that you can install if you own a PHP Nuke or RavenNuke™ News & Information Portal.

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·  Do all of your stores offer an affiliates program?

Each store in The Jacksonville Marketplace Network is independently owned and operated. It is up to the individual storeowner if they offer an affiliates program and what the terms of their affiliates program are.

Some stores may offer an affiliates program while others may not. Visit each store to determine if they have an affiliates program and what the rate of compensation is for that particular store.

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